Conference: Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship

Mera Maan assisted VSO-IC to design a Youth conference and also conducted sessions on 'Role of Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement for Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship'.

One of the areas of focus for VSO Pakistan was the 'Strengthening TVET for Enhanced Employability' (STEE) initiative, in line with VSOs' core programme area of ‘Empowered Youth for Employment and Entrepreneurship’.  To facilitate consultation around this subject, VSO Pakistan organized a national-level consultative workshop titled 'Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship, Challenges and Way Forward'. 

The objective of this conference was as follows:

· To bring the primary actor, stakeholder and policymakers on a common platform to discuss the issues regarding youth employability and entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

· To find innovative ways of re-addressing the barriers of youth employability through a collaboration of key stakeholders against the needs of primary actors. 

Mera Maan assisted in the design and implementation of this consultation, ensuring that the discussions focused on the following:

· Linkage of literacy with skills development to develop opportunities for illiterate youth. 

· Youth Entrepreneurship current trends and support from various institutions. 

· Public / private partnership a way forward to youth employability and empowerment.

· Inclusive approaches to youth employability and opportunities for the marginalized youth.

· Exploring the role of technology in livelihoods enhancement and reaching the people in remote areas.