Global Tele-medicine Solution for Efficient Diabetes Management

In partnership with the Boston, USA based organization called Glucose Trail, and Savings 9, Mera Maan has assisted the piloting of a diabetes management telemedicine project with a 100 diabetic patients to empower them to detect early and treat their diabetes in a cost effective and smart way, through a medicine PLUS approach, leading to an overall well-being of the community.

The program aims to bring diabetes care to the patient's home, and is designed as follows:

·         Six community based health care companions (HCCs) are trained to use the Glucose Trail Diabetes Management mobile app to enter patient information, and to execute the prescribed treatment plan, certified by a medical doctor, and transmitted through the app.

·         HCCs are trained in using home glucose meters, basic first-aid and insulin administration to facilitate follow-up and patient adherence to treatment plan.

·         Period of engagement: 12-Months

·         Area: Pind Bhagwal & Bharakahu, suburbs of Islamabad

The community HCCs are a last mile connectivity  between doctors and a 100 patients living in remote areas. The HCCs mobilize a circle of care through facilitating community resources, e.g. healthy options for meal planning; creating community exercise and recreational areas; developing home solutions for daily physical activity; and strengthening capacities of local pharmacies to provide ongoing medication and insulin supplies.

This project addresses the social issues caused amongst the less literate and educated with regard to a silent killer, i.e. diabetes. It provides diabetic patients knowledge, a community platform to address loneliness, and a platform through which they can support each other, both non-financially and sometimes even financially. The goal is to build healthy communities where healthcare companions can receive additional training and become credible care givers in other health care areas, such as nutrition, weight loss programs, vaccination, etc.


Mera Maan and Glucose Trail is preparing to scale the current project to a 1000 patients in district Haripur, KPK. Once financial support is available, the process will be as follows:

·         Orientation sessions in 10 union councils to motivate men and women to apply as Health Care Companions

·         Identification and selection of 20 HCCs from 10 union councils using change maker selection tools

·         Holding a 7-day boot-camp on 'developing HCCs to promote health & well-being' at community level, and how to do it as a tech oriented social entrepreneur

·         Establishing ways in which HCCs can sustain their health care services as a Business Development Service Provider (BDSP)

·         Mentoring and monitoring HCCs