Financial Management Module for ARTF funded projects in Afghanistan

The World Bank has been supporting social, economic, infrastructure and human development in Afghanistan since 2002 through a series of projects. The Bank portfolio comprises of 35 projects with commitments of about $5 billion financed by Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) and International Development Association (IDA). The World Bank has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the funds are used for the purposes intended with proper attention being given to the economy, efficiency and mitigating chances of misuse. 

Mera Maan's objective for this assignment, contracted by Ernst and Young Pakistan, was to develop a competency-based framework, and using the findings from the gap assessment, develop a training module which supported the financial management module, and to pilot training to selected finance officials in World Bank Afghanistan assisted projects.

The specific services required were: 

· To develop a highly experiential and visualized training curriculum and training modules on project financial management to be delivered to the project financial management staff working on development projects. 

· To pilot test the material with a selected group of approximately 30 finance officials in Tajikistan.