Mera Maan Residential Training Center

Mera Maan Residential Training Center (MMRTC) is a training and retreat facility situated 30 minutes from downtown Islamabad in a lovely, lush green, serene valley on the banks of the river Korang. Private and surrounded by natural beauty, this is a learning environment ideal for capacity development and training events. Over the last 10 years, the facility has catered to organizations from the public, private and civil society. MMRTC is a purpose-built facility that has 32-beds, 2 training halls, a cafeteria and large outdoor spaces making it an ideal training, retreat and boot-camp venue.

Assists clients to conceptualise

Includes clarifying objectives, identifying key inputs, articulating end results and developing schedules and budget.

Technical team assists to design training material

Includes developing a theme, handouts, session plans, PowerPoint, stationery and props.

Admin team assists to coordinate

Includes organising logistics, e.g. training venue, board and lodge and managing fun activities (recreation night, exposure visits).

Communication team assists documentation

Includes documenting the event (photographs, video clips, feedback, reports) and disseminating the same.

  • Compact double-occupancy rooms with attached baths
  • Large common room suitable for group interactions, TV time, fun activities, or project work
  • Access to computer facilities and wireless internet
  • A kitchenette for snacks and tea/coffee service station
  • Self-help ironing facility
  • On payment, external laundry service

Two training halls, well equipped with multimedia projector/screen, white board, and wall space for posters

Comfortable seating for upto 60 participants

Break-out space for group work

  • Cafeteria serving healthy, freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Live barbecues and bonfire
  • Outdoor spaces for cultural and social events
  • Rafting and water-sports, scenic trail walk,  indoor games, movie-screenings, and much more!

Pick and drop services document the event (photographs, video clips, feedback and evaluations) and develop brief/detailed reports and social media contributions.