Mera Maan Social Innovation Hub

Mera Maan’s Social Innovation Hub (SIH) is the result of thirty years of passion, experience, expertise, and determination, anchored in the conviction that market-based business solutions, owned and implemented by the community, is the answer to scaling up sustainable solutions for a large number of social issues, e.g. access to education, health facilities, input supplies, financial inclusion, WASH facilities. SIH aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and a triple bottom line, i.e. to benefit people, planet and profits. It is a platform that serves as a bridge between resource institutions in the Macro Eco-system and institutions and people at the Base of the Pyramid.

Intervention Areas

SIH brings on board stakeholders (government, private sector, civil society organizations) in the ecosystem as partners in transformative development.

SIH sets up, as franchises, Social Enterprise Accelerators, as social enterprises or Business Development Service Providers, connecting the macro eco-system and the base of the pyramid, providing products and services to under-served and un-served areas and people.

SIH supports the SEAs to generate an income through training, manufacturing or trading, allowing them an income that can free them to ‘give back’ to their communities and continue to make a difference.