Who we are

Mera Maan was founded in 2007, and registered in 2014. It is an innovative, growing and caring consulting organization, with a mission of changing hearts and minds for developing a better and more equitable world. Through its work in research, policy dialogues, face2face and online training, designing and implementing capacity building programmes and projects, gender and governance, the ultimate aim of the organization is to provide directions and inputs that will reduce the poverty of money and minds. Mera Maan is passionate about designing and implementing projects and programmes that can be scaled up to reach 100s of 1000s of people.

Our Team

Mera Maan is a lean startup, subscribing to an evolutionary approach to business development. It follows Darwin’s logic that ‘it is not the strongest that succeeds in evolution, but the most adaptable’. As an ‘out of box’ innovative thinker and implementer, Mera Maan draws strength from a unique team of national and international associates. The associate model is NOT a Body Shop. Each onboarded member has a positive, optimistic attitude and commitment to goals that go well beyond mere earning. Each Associate has the passion to ‘Learn, Lead and Transform’ by making people realize their hidden potential.