Economic Empowerment of Women Home-Based Workers and Excluded Groups Project


The project aimed to promote women’s empowerment through socio-economic interventions at the macro, meso, and micro levels. It brought together stakeholders from the public sector, private sector, and community institutions to work collaboratively towards gender equality. The consultancy focused on strengthening the capacities of key project stakeholders to continue effective engagement and institutionalize project learning and benefits for sustainability and replication.

Narrative of the Project Description:


The project focused on three critical categories of stakeholders, including the public sector, private sector, and community level institutions, to collectively advance the gender equality agenda. It emphasized actions at multiple levels, such as supportive legislation, awareness raising, capacity building of service providing institutions, and behavior change within the community. The project concluded with the aim of enhancing stakeholder capacities for sustained impact.


– Capacity building of representatives from WEP signatory private sector companies.
– Enterprise leadership training for selected representatives from MBOs/Cooperative Groups.
– Strategic Planning Workshop for Supporting District Action Committees (DACs) members.

Project Impact:

The consultancy aimed to create highly participatory, engaging, and impactful workshops that fostered sustainability of project results. Tailor-made training sessions equipped participants with valuable knowledge and skills, backed by participant handouts, banners, standees, posters, activity props, and registration materials. By empowering key stakeholders with relevant tools and training, the project sought to extend its positive impact beyond its conclusion, promoting women’s economic empowerment and gender equality in the long run.

Project Details