Women in Executive Leadership Development Program

Client: Australia Awards

Date: August 2018

Scope Global Pty Ltd., a project management company, implements people-focused development
and education Programs on behalf of various clients in Australia, Asia and Pacific owing to its
Program management expertise and capabilities. They assist people from all sectors to change
themselves by providing them opportunities through study, research and professional development
so that they may be able to positively affect the lives of other people.


Scope Global Pvt. Ltd. was working on an assignment titled “Women in Executive Leadership
Development” with a purpose to develop women into leaders so that they could impact their
organizations, communities and society intensely. In response to an offer, Scope Global Pty Ltd, has received 98 applications for the said Program from women working in public, private and civil society sector. The course aims to train a group of 25 women to build their capacity to negate gender stereotypes, explore systematic barriers to women’s advancement, consider peer coaching and mentorship and develop strong gender networks as support mechanisms to women’s advancement.


The scope of work, in the agreement, required the following tasks to be performed:

  • Study and fully understand the focus of course concept note with regards to the course
    objectives, general eligibility criteria, profiles specific eligibility and cross cutting targets.
  • Develop understanding regarding profiles, priority field, disability and gender as per Program
  • Evaluating and improving the already existing assessment and review procedure for assessing
    applicants applying for the short course titled “Women in Executive Leadership Development”.
  • Shortlist 40 applicants as “Recommended” from the eligible applications.
  • Check references provided by 40 shortlisted applicants to confirm work experience, relevance to
    the Short Course Awards objectives, potential outcome and educational qualification obtained.

Present list of 40 recommended applicants to Australia Awards – Pakistan and Department of
Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) with rationale for recommendation and rejection.