Evaluation of Brick Kiln Training Re-Design of Brick Kiln Training

Client: Brick Kiln – NEPAL

Date: August 2018- September 2018

Over 200,000 workers, of whom as many as 30,000 are children, labor in unhealthy and unsafe conditions in Nepal’s brick kilns. The informal nature of the industry, which operates on the periphery of communities and with little government oversight, has served to entrench exploitive labor practices such as forced, bonded, and child labor. While work conditions are often harsh, the brick industry provides needed income to thousands of unskilled laborers, and in the wake of the Gorkha Earthquake of April 2015, the sector has become a particularly vital source of the jobs and building materials necessary for Nepal’s rebuilding and recovery. The Better Brick — Nepal’s goal is to transform the brick industry by eliminating child, forced, and bonded labor. Mera Maan developed a program to incentivize kilns to improve conditions for workers through access to better production techniques, stronger operations and the creation of a market for ethically produced bricks.

Activities performed:

·         Review of current Better Brick- Nepal Training Program

·         Submit draft report of the evaluative review highlighting recommendations for improvement

·         Obtain feedback on the evaluative review from GFI and GoodWeave staff, including DC based team members

·         Finalize Recommendations

·         Finalize Workplan for Implementing Recommendations including Timeframes and Lead Persons

·         GFI Approval of Training Revision Workplan

·         Oversee Implementation of Training Revision Workplan

·         Submit Revised Content – Modules, Materials, and Training Delivery Plan – to GFI for Approval

·         Obtain feedback on revised training program content from GFI and GoodWeave, including DC based team members

·         Finalize Training Program including content, materials, delivery plan, and local partner workplan