Module Design & Training on Trainers on Business Management & Marketing

Client: BRSP 0 Mr. Ghulam Murtaza

Date: July 2021

Mera Maan was contracted to undertake a training needs assessment, and several focused group discussions with livelihood officers, enterprise trainers, asset beneficiaries, and head office staff to understand the issues related to the marketing and management training provided by BRSP’s BRACE project to asset beneficiaries in the past. Based on findings, developed a revised, relevant and highly participative module. With the assistance of the BRSP staff, the Mera Maan team identified 4 case examples of asset beneficiaries who were successful in transitioning out of poverty. The new module was developed using these case studies, making the module uniquely relevant to the Balochistan context.


Conducted two interactive and hands-on training of trainers workshop, and trained 55-inhouse trainers, including livelihood staff and social organizers, from the 8 project districts so that they can effectively deliver this module.


Reviewed and revised the Income Generating Plan (IGP) form, used to develop asset beneficiaries business plan, making it appropriate for the various categories of business that asset beneficiaries may be involved in, e.g. livestock, agriculture and enterprise.