Digital Content Design and Development, and Implementation of Wrap Around Services for Male and Female Entrepreneurs (Strivers)

Client: Care International & Mastercard Centre for Inclusive Growth

Date: February 2021 – Current

Digital Content Design and Development for Wrap Around Services for Strivers – CARE International and Mastercard (Current – in 7 districts of Punjab and Sindh): A Blended, virtual, and face-to-face learning for growth-oriented entrepreneurs. Designed and implemented two Wrap-Around Service interventions, i.e., CD1 and CD2. Both interventions to be made available to 3,250 STRIVERS in 7 districts, i.e., Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad and Karachi, through a blended learning approach, i.e., Face-to-Face and virtual learning followed by mentoring, follow-up and business support through district hubs.


Mera Maan launched its DigiEDT in July 2021. There are currently 1000 unique users active on this LMS. The aim is that by 2022, the DigiEDT will be used by at least 10,000 users. In addition to DigiEDT, Mera Maan is also launching, under the CARE project, an advanced level of courses titled Capacity Development-2 (CD-2), while will be offered to all onboarded entrepreneurs, covering topics such as import, export, linkages and meetings with inspiring entrepreneurs (male and female), introduction to SMEDA, Chambers of Commerce, etc.


The next step towards expanding this capacity devleopment platform is a training titled ‘Girl Boss’, which has been developed by Launch GuRLs, a US based firm.