Cascading Punjab Government’s Women Empowerment Initiatives to Grassroots Community through Elected Women Councilors

Client: Directorate of Women Development (DWD)

Date: 6 months December 2017-May 2018

A 2-day training on Punjab Women’s Empowerment Initiatives (Legal, Social, Economic and Political) was conceptualized and designed, and rolled out to 16,000 elected women councilors in Punjab. The tasks included the following:

  • Developing a competency framework to list the key behavior change expected in two target groups, i.e. the end beneficiary or women at community level, and the women councilors who would train the community women, and serve as mentor over time.
  • Undertaking a competency-based needs assessment, which included a range of tools, including case scenarios, questionnaires, and focused group discussions.
  • Designing and implementing a experiential and visualized training module, obtaining and updating participant lists, inviting participants, clustering participants into training cohorts, making databases of those who participated, developing end of day, end of training and end of project reports.


Mera Maan was given the responsibility to conduct the TNA, design the module, train trainers, and roll out the module to 3,600 women councilors in the 9 Divisional districts of Punjab.


Description of actual services provided:

  1. Selection of targeted districts and women councilors;
  2. Develop mechanism, framework. Tools and Activities for TNA;
  3. Conduct TNAs in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan;
  4. Develop / Designing Training Module to train women councilors as trainers of PWEI package, including:
  • Session Plans
  • Handbook (including Trainer’s guide & trainees manual)
  • Workshop duration and timing
  • Criteria for selection of trainers
  • Posters / Props

Feedback form / Assessment sheet, Documentation and Reporting