Study on Pathways to Socio-Economic Empowerment of Rural Women through the SUCCESS Programme

Client: ENCLUDE and Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN)

Date: March-December 2018

ENCLUDE was contracted by RSPN to commission a study to analyze the relationship of women’s social and economic empowerment at three levels; household, immediate community and at the local levels, and changes in poverty status as a result of SUCCESS interventions. The study would include assessment of community institutions fostered by the SUCCESS programme under RSP’s social mobilization efforts, particularly in the context of understanding the collective self-help initiatives and other empowerment aspects that organized and institutionalize the rural women to understand their basic rights and demand

change from the authorities.

The study investigated the poverty reduction and empowerment nexus and dynamism. In this first round of research, the Study used extensive secondary literature review of SUCCESS publications, surveys, project final year reports, and baseline studies. The secondary literature review was supported by first hand primary data collection to fill in the data gaps, to address discrepancies, to validate, measure variables and parameters associated with social, economic and legal empowerment of women benefiting from the programme. Using extensive national and international research, the team developed a woman’s empowerment framework, and developed tools and methodologies which was used in round 1 and will also be used in 2021 (i.e. Round-2).


At the end of the assignment, feedback was given to RSPN/RSPs’ on CDD’s effectiveness and SUCCESS approach in assuring social, political and economic empowerment of rural women in Sindh and will inform the policy making process for improving women’s social and economic empowerment in Sindh.