Module Design, Pilot Training, conversion to E-learning Module on ‘Social Enterprise Development for Policy Makers’ Building capacities of Grass Roots Social Entrepreneurs and BDSPs Client Details and Lead Person: IMAGO Global Grassroots

Client: IMAGO Global Grassroots

Date: September 2016 

Module Design , Training Policy Makers in Nairobi, and Creating an E-learning Module:

World Bank contracted IMAGOGG to develop a module for senior government policy makers to understand how the promotion and support of social entrepreneurs can address service delivery issues and the challenges of last mile connectivity. This required international research, training needs assessment, preparing a training module and materials for capacity building of policymakers and Bank staff working with social enterprises, and who in a position to help social enterprises scale-up through changes in the enabling environment. The module was piloted with policy makers in Nairobi, Kenya, and then the content was further adapted to serve as base content for a 14-hour E-learning module. The eventual delivery was a package of training materials that included: bibliography, syllabus, teaching guides, toolkits for delivery (such as games and presentations), evaluations, as well as any video-clips or other multi-media resources needed for better delivery.


Building Capacities of Grass Roots Social Entrepreneurs:

Working with SEWA, Pradhan and Srijan in India to develop capacity building modules to train them in social enterprise and promoting the Business Development Service Provider approach to addressing the issues of last mile connectivity.