Boot camp on Networking and Capacity Building of Women Entrepreneurs

Client: Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)

Date: May – July 2018 (30 days)

Under its project Collaboration for Change (C4C): transforming lives and minds for equal citizenship from 2016-2018, the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), in collaboration with two local Pakistani partners, trained a group of about 200 women in leadership skills to tackle male domination techniques and promote collaboration not competition. These trained women, from different religious, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, developed action plans to further support other women in their areas to be active in public life, and avail leadership roles. Based on their action plans, these women were mentored in different fields including the possibilities of setting up a business. Those who opted for this path, were then further oriented to the possibility of attending a training in ‘how to set up and run a business.


Mera Maan’s Social Innovation Hub was awarded the task of designing and implementing a 3-day residential Boot Camp for 25 women on entrepreneurship development for those women leaders who opted to register for this training. The objectives of this training were as follows:

  • To inspire the women to set up or strengthen their business so that they can be a role model to others

To equip the women with the necessary skills so that they can serve as a counsel and guide to other women