Module Development, Enterprise Development Training, and Follow-up training for 240 Women Home-based Workers

Client: UN Women

Date: July, 2021

Module Design, eight 4-day Enterprise Development Training (32 days), and follow-up training for 240 Women Entrepreneurs, 120 each in Multan and Sialkot, including 20 persons with disabilities.


The objective of the program was to enhance the skills of the selected women home-based workers so that they can improve their business identity, visibility, mobility, ability, and connectivity; strengthen their marketing and collective bargaining skills, better access income and social protection benefits; and identify a pathway to graduate from their home-based worker status to that of a micro-entrepreneur or SME. A Handbook was designed for the participants, and colored copies were distributed to the participants. The core content and messages were packaged using participatory methodologies. A training of trainers’ workshop was held for the lead trainers and assistant trainers in Sialkot and Multan. A pre and post-test was developed to assess participants’ knowledge gain through the enterprise development workshop. A speed report was developed to capture workshop statistics, including the training dates, # of participants, absentees if any, pre and post-test results, name of trainers and coordinators, end of training rating, and feedback by the participants, about the BCE, and workshop pictures. Some videos have also been collected, which will be shared with the client through a separate folder.


After the eight 4-day workshops, some follow-up activities were organized in both Multan and Sialkot. These included the following:

  1. Access to DigiEDT, where those participants with access to a smartphone could attend key sessions from the training to deepen their learning, and revise key concepts (in Sialkot and Multan).
  2. Meeting with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industries, and some female entrepreneurs (in Sialkot and Multan).
  3. Meeting with Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (in Sialkot and Multan).
  4. Meeting with Market Committee and key Vendors/Stakeholders (in Multan).

Case Stories of 16 entrepreneurs have been written up. 8-video stories have been made.