Trainers Manual & Handbook “Sparking Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) A guide Book for master Trainers, Focal Teachers & WASH Club Members/Group

Client: Water Aid

Date:6 Months November 2018- Ongoing

Mera Maan Pvt. Ltd. has supported Water Aid in developing a comprehensive, national level training material on Menstrual Hygiene Management, which would be rolled out through girls’ schools, throughout the country. The material was developed both in Urdu and English and the Module Design Team also transferred the core content and spirit of the module, to the Master Trainers from Sindh, Punjab and KPK, so that the ability to continue to train teachers was institutionalized and resided within the educational system. A description of the actual services provided by Mera Maan were as follows:

  1. Training needs assessment with students and teachers at schools at Federal and Provincial levels, as well as detailed consultations with WaterAid partners that have implemented similar interventions in the past three years
  2. Development of a set of three training Guidebooks, i.e. for the Master Trainers, Focal Teachers and WASH Club members that provides instructions on how to ‘spark MHM in schools’ through a participatory and experiential process
  3. Training 30 Master Trainers for Federal Directorate of Education (in Islamabad), 50 trainers for Punjab and 50 for Sindh to initiate a national cascade of the module in government and private schools

Supervision of 1-2 rollouts by the Master Trainers as they trained the nominated Focal Teachers from individual schools