Sparking Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools

Client: WaterAid, Federal Directorate of Education

Date: April – August 2019 (40 days)

Menstrual Hygiene has remained a taboo subject – stigmatized even amongst practical engineering circles used to dealing with unmentionables, such as excreta and shit. The majority of the girls in schools have no or limited access either to clean and safe sanitary products or to a clean space in which to change menstrual cloths/pads and to wash. Because of health problems due to poor hygiene during menstruation, and the lack of access to sanitary products, girls are often forced to miss school. As a Project Lead, undertook a need assessment to evolve primary and secondary data to identify what was at the core of existing behaviors or practices, i.e. what current inhibitions, taboos, lack of supportive infrastructure, and how to bring about a heart and mind behavior change that will help overcome existing problems in relation to effective MHM management. Repackaged this information to develop highly experiential modules and material, to be used by teachers and WASH Club members, to inspire behavior change through communication. Covered all girls’ schools in Islamabad; piloted the project and trained 30 government school teachers in Punjab; and developed the module in Sindhi for STEDA.