Training of Teachers from the Federal Directorate of Education as Trainers to roll out Modules on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and Clean Green School Programme (CGSP) developed by Mera Maan Pvt Ltd for WaterAid Pakistan

Client: WaterAid Pakistan

Date: Jan – 2021

Of notable achievement, a comprehensive, a national level training material was developed by WaterAid Pakistan (WAP), to educate female students in govenemrnt schools on safe and dignified Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM). In 2018, this module was rolled out, through Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), to all the secondary girls’ schools in Islamabad. In 2019, WAP also designed an rolled out, with the support of FDE, the Clean Green School Programme (CGSP), comprising of four core components of the Clean Green Pakistan Movement.


To reactivate and scale-up both MHM and CGSP campaigns, WAP responded to FDE’s request for for additional Training of Trainer (TOT) programme for a cadre of Master Trainers. Six 3-days TOTs were organized for at least 60 Focal Persons from selected schools on MHM and 150 Focal Persons from selected schools on CGSP in Islamabad, using the existing training modules. Each training culminated with the development of a training cascade plan for each teachers’ respective school.


Specific tasks undertaken by Mera Maan included:


  1. Developing agenda, presentations, handouts, evaluation, and other required tools for four 3-day TOT workshops for 60 Focal Teachers from 30 schools on how to support MHM activities in the school using the MHM Focal Teacher and WASH guidebooks.
  2. Developing agenda, presentations, handouts, evaluation, and other required tools for seven 2-day TOT for 150 teachers using CGSP manual.
  3. Providing logistics for all workshops (per diem, lunch and teas and stationery for all training). Based on previous experience, it is assumed that venue, multimedia arrangements and printed CGPM Handbooks and MHM Guidebooks and some props will be provided by WaterAid.
  4. Delivering an interactive, comprehendible, and succinct training of trainers utilising the knowledge on MHM & CGSP as per training manuals and lead all sessions.
  5. Developing comprehensive training reports with required annexes.
  6. Finalizing school level cascading plans developed by Focal Teachers.