Energizing Pakistan: Developing Tomorrow’s Leadership with Greater Climate Action Pledge’

Client: WIRE Pakistan

Date: September 2018

“Women in Renewable Energy – WIRE” bootcamp in the heart of natural abode “Mera Maan Residential Training Centre – MMRTC” was a captivating and productive initiative tailored to address the multi-faceted national concern regarding energy security, climate change and women empowerment. WIRE Bootcamp as intended for aspiring green enthusiasts and cultivates the idea of engaging women in the technical aura of energy sector to address the energy security & climate action in Pakistan. This bootcamp aimed at imparting vision and build an awareness, understanding and confidence that women engagement in green energy systems, eco- friendly spheres, and environment protection is a niche yet unexplored at large. The bootcamp provided ample opportunities of networking and dialogue with field experts and inspirational mentors from energy and environment sector. Interactive sessions, activities, panel discussions, case studies, all generate motivational backbone for the young women to tackle the greater challenge of Climate Action and Renewable Energy Leadership in Pakistan. The WIRE Bootcamps are held at the Mera Maan Residential Training Center, Bhara Kahu, Islamabad.