Inclusive Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers (Business Development & Incubation Training)

Client: World Bank Washington DC and National Reconstruction Authority, Nepal

Date: August 2019 – January 2020 (25 x2 = 50 days)

The Project aimed at designing and implementing 2 residential ToTs (15-day), to conduct Inclusive Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers (ToT), to develop a cadre of trained and certified enterprise trainers that can implement a well-designed and structured enterprise training and incubation program for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in all the earthquake affected districts in Nepal.


As Lead Trainer, designed an experiential and participatory entrepreneurship development module (trainer’s manual and participant handbook), and developed guidelines for on-boarding the PWDs, developing standard operating procedures for how to support them during training, how to inspire them and manage their business incubation.