Evaluation of the Education and Child Protection Programmes in UNICEF Bangladesh


In July 2011, Universalia Management Group Ltd engaged Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat, CEO Mera Maan Pvt Ltd, to conduct an evaluation of UNICEF’s Education and Child Protection Programs in Bangladesh. The evaluation aimed to assess the performance of these programs between 2006 and 2011 at the outcome level and provide forward-looking recommendations and lessons learned for future programming. The evaluation served multiple purposes, including leveraging evidence for policy advocacy and resource mobilization, as well as informing program management and decision-making for the upcoming program cycle starting in 2012.

Narrative of the Project Description:


UNICEF Bangladesh implemented Education and Child Protection Programs to address the needs of children and improve their access to quality education and protection services. To ensure the effectiveness and relevance of these programs, an independent evaluation was commissioned to assess their outcomes and impact over the past five years.


– Assess the performance and impact of UNICEF’s Education and Child Protection Programs in Bangladesh from 2006 to 2011.
– Identify lessons learned from the implementation of these programs.
– Provide practical recommendations for improving program strategies, approaches, and management structures for the next program cycle starting in 2012.
– Inform UNICEF’s policy advocacy efforts and resource mobilization based on evidence from the evaluation.

Project Impact:

The evaluation had a significant impact on UNICEF’s programming in Bangladesh. The findings, recommendations, and lessons learned shaped the design and implementation of future programs, ensuring they effectively address the needs of children and contribute to their well-being and development. Moreover, the evidence from the evaluation was used to advocate for policy changes and secure necessary resources to support UNICEF’s initiatives in the country.

Project Details