Regional Survey on Post Harvest and Food Processing Technologies for Women

The project involved a comprehensive six-month regional survey focusing on post-harvest and food processing technologies for women in agriculture across various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The study aimed to assess the challenges faced by women in accessing and utilizing farm tools and machinery and develop strategies for gender-sensitive agricultural practices.

Narrative of the Project Description:


Despite women’s significant contribution to the agricultural workforce, their access to suitable farm tools and machinery was limited, leading to increased labor intensity and reduced productivity. The UN RNAM, under ESCAP, commissioned the survey to better understand the issues and devise inclusive solutions.


– Assess the status of women in agriculture, specifically their access to post-harvest and food processing technologies.
– Identify challenges faced by women farmers in utilizing farm tools and machinery.
– Explore opportunities for gender-sensitive designs in agricultural practices and machinery.
– Develop a comprehensive strategy to address gender disparities in agricultural technologies.

Project Impact:

The survey provided valuable insights into the conditions of women in agriculture in the selected countries. It highlighted the need for gender-sensitive designs in farm tools and machinery and pushed for systemic changes to address the challenges faced by women in agriculture. The comprehensive strategy developed during the project laid the groundwork for promoting gender-inclusive practices in agricultural technology and enhancing women’s experiences in the sector.

Project Details