Last Mile Connectivity for Safe and Informed Migration in Pakistan



This pilot project focused on raising awareness among 10,000 perspective migrants on safe and informed labor migration in four hot spot districts and aimed to train and support 32 community-based migrant changemakers (CBMCs). The program involved the development of experiential and participatory information materials for Migrant Information Sessions (MIS). A rigorous selection process was used to identify the CBMCs, and orientation sessions were held to encourage youth groups and community members to opt for safe and informed migration.

Narrative of the Project Description:


Mera Maan collaborated with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to pilot a program aimed at improving the last mile connectivity for safe and informed migration in Pakistan. The main objective of this pilot project was to identify, develop, and sustain Community Based Migrant Changemakers (CBMCs) who would serve as business development service providers. These CBMCs would be trained to orient, guide, mentor, and link potential labor migrants to ensure their safe and legal migration, with the goal of reaching 10,000 individuals.


– Train and support 32 Community Based Migrant Changemakers (CBMCs) in four hot spot districts.
– Develop effective and engaging information material for Migrant Information Sessions (MIS).
– Conduct orientation sessions to encourage potential CBMC applicants.
– Design and execute an eight-day, two-part, residential bootcamp with a customized training module for safe and informed migration practices.
– Identify opportunities for institutionalizing migration information at the district level through existing institutions, such as TVET and skills training centers, colleges, universities, protractorate offices, and migrant resource centers.
– Provide continuous monitoring and mentoring support to CBMCs.

Project Impact:

The partnership with ILO enabled Mera Maan and its partner organizations (YEN and Bint-e-Hawwa) to transform the dissemination of labor migration information at the grassroots level. By training and empowering CBMCs, the program aimed to revolutionize the approach to safe and informed migration practices in Pakistan. The cost-effective and sustainable model developed through this pilot project showcased a scalable approach without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of the information delivered to potential labor migrants.

Project Details