Baseline Assessment for the HerWASH Project


Mera Maan conducted a baseline assessment for WaterAid’s HerWASH project; a 3-year initiative aimed to address menstrual hygiene management (MHM) issues for women and adolescent girls in Thatta district, Sindh, Pakistan. The assessment focused on establishing reference values for project indicators, identifying knowledge and attitude gaps, understanding the demand and use of menstrual hygiene products, and assessing the acceptability of facilities and products among women and female students in target areas.

Narrative of the Project Description:


WaterAid’s HerWASH was a 3-year initiative aiming to improve menstrual hygiene management through increased responsiveness of government and civil society to MHM needs, and enhanced provision of women-friendly facilities and products in schools, healthcare centers, and communities in Thatta district.


– Conduct baseline assessment to establish reference values for baseline indicators to set realistic targets for the project and measure achievements in the endline Study.
– Identify knowledge and attitude gaps among stakeholders regarding menstrual hygiene management.
– Understand the demand and current use of menstrual hygiene products in target areas to inform project decisions about infrastructure budgeting.
– Assess the acceptability of facilities and products related to menstrual hygiene among adult women and female students.

Project Impact:

The baseline assessment provided essential data and insights to inform the design and implementation of WaterAid’s HerWASH project. By establishing baseline indicators and understanding the existing MHM situation in Thatta district, the project was able to set realistic and attainable targets, and measure its impact effectively in the future. The assessment also helped identify knowledge gaps and preferences related to menstrual hygiene products and facilities, contributing to the development of targeted interventions that promote safe and hygienic practices among women and adolescent girls.

Project Details