Social and Economic Impact Assessment of TVST and ED Component of SUCCESS Program


The SUCCESS Program, implemented by RSPN in 8 districts of Sindh, aimed to reduce poverty through community-driven development based on RSPs’ social mobilization approach. The Technical and Vocational Skills Training (TVST) and Enterprise Development (ED) component were crucial in empowering rural households, especially women, by providing vocational training and generating self-employment opportunities. Mera Maan Pvt. Ltd. (MMPL) was engaged to conduct an assessment of the social and economic impact of TVST and ED interventions to determine their relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Narrative of the Project Description:


The SUCCESS Program, supported by the Government of Sindh and the European Union, aimed to enhance livelihoods and empower vulnerable communities in Sindh through capacity-building initiatives. The TVST and ED component focused on training beneficiaries in various trades, predominantly beautician and textile-related skills, to generate income and improve economic prospects.


– Assess the improvement in rural livelihoods and women’s empowerment resulting from TVST and ED interventions in the 8 target districts.
– Evaluate the relevance of technical, vocational, and enterprise skills training based on local community needs and market demand.
– Examine the effectiveness of market linkages and ecosystem interactions to ensure the impact of developed microenterprises.
– Evaluate the scope and quality of training imparted under the program.
– Assess the long-term impact and sustainability of TVST and ED interventions.

Project Impact:

 The assessment conducted by Mera Maan Pvt. Ltd. will provide valuable insights into the social and economic impact of the TVST and ED component of the SUCCESS Program. The findings will aid RSPN in understanding the effectiveness of their interventions, the alignment of training with market demand, and the overall improvement in rural livelihoods and women’s empowerment. The assessment’s recommendations will contribute to informed decision-making, ensuring a more sustainable and impactful approach to poverty reduction and community development in Sindh.

Project Details