Evaluation of WFP-supported Humanitarian Response Facilities in Pakistan


Mera Maan Pvt Ltd, led by CEO Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of six WFP-supported Humanitarian Response Facilities (HRFs) in critical regions of Pakistan. The study aimed to assess WFP’s performance and impact as a capacity development partner in disaster management at national, provincial, district, and community levels. Special emphasis was placed on understanding ‘last mile connectivity’ and evaluating the utilization and future need of HRFs. The evaluation also addressed gender-specific challenges during disasters, advocating for the inclusion of gender-responsive strategies in future interventions.

Narrative of the Project Description:


The study focused on WFP-supported HRFs across Pakistan, examining disaster management capabilities at various administrative levels. Through extensive interactions with stakeholders, including NDMA, PDMAs, DDMAs, WFP staff, NGOs, and government officials, the evaluation sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of the disaster-related ecosystem.


– Assess WFP’s performance and impact as a capacity development partner in disaster management.
– Analyze the effectiveness of HRFs in facilitating ‘last mile connectivity’ between district and community entities.
– Evaluate the utilization and future need of HRFs to inform strategic decisions for disaster response.
– Identify gender-specific challenges faced by women during disasters and propose gender-responsive strategies.

Project Impact:

The evaluation provided valuable insights into disaster management capabilities in Pakistan, enabling WFP to make informed decisions about future interventions. By understanding ‘last mile connectivity’ and the utilization of HRFs, WFP can enhance the efficiency of disaster response. Moreover, the study’s focus on gender-responsive strategies will ensure more inclusive and comprehensive disaster management, better serving vulnerable groups, and promoting resilience in the face of disasters. The findings and recommendations from the evaluation will contribute to strengthening the disaster management system and foster a more robust and inclusive approach to humanitarian response in Pakistan.

Project Details