FINCA Women Community Mobilizer – Leveraging SimSim for Financial Inclusion

Mera Maan assisted FINCA Micro-Finance Bank to conduct a pilot project aimed at increasing female financial inclusion through the use of SimSim, a digital application and platform for day-to-day financial transactions. The project engaged 8 women community leaders, serving as SimSim Agents (RSAs), to facilitate the adoption of digital technology among economically active women in Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Narrative of the Project Description


The FINCA Women Community Mobilizer project focused on expanding the female financial inclusion footprint by encouraging women to leverage SimSim for frequent and repetitive transactions, going beyond traditional monthly bill payments and cash-in-cash-out services. The initiative aimed to create an ecosystem where women integrate digital technology into their daily lives for various transactions, such as buying groceries, paying school fees, participating in ROSCAs (online committees), and more. Mera Maan was contracted to conduct a pilot program in Haripur, KP, engaging 8 women community leaders as SimSim Agents (RSAs) to promote the adoption of digital technology.


– Engage 8 women community leaders as RSAs to promote SimSim usage among economically active women.
– Conduct a 3-day residential bootcamp for capacity building and financial inclusion promotion.
– Facilitate the enrollment and operation of SimSim accounts on behalf of 500 economically active women.
– Gradually empower women to use digital technology independently through their smartphones.

Project Impact:

The pilot project had a significant impact on female financial inclusion in Haripur, KP. Through the engagement of 8 women community leaders as RSAs, the project successfully motivated and trained economically active women to utilize SimSim for their day-to-day transactions. The orientation sessions, bootcamp, and close engagement with the local community played a pivotal role in building rapport and strengthening ties with the target audience. As a result, women were empowered to conduct business digitally, promoting financial inclusion and ease of financial transactions. Mera Maan’s collaboration with FINCA Micro-Finance Bank in this initiative showcased the organization’s commitment to leveraging digital technology for social impact and financial empowerment, advancing the goal of increasing female financial inclusion in Pakistan.

Project Details