Global Tele-medicine Solution for Efficient Diabetes & Nutrition Management


Mera Maan, in partnership with Glucose Trail and Savings 9, spearheaded a diabetes management telemedicine project empowering 400 diabetic patients. The program adopted a medicine PLUS approach, providing cost-effective and smart solutions for early detection and treatment. Through a mobile app and a network of community-based health care companions (HCCs), the initiative aimed to improve patient adherence, nutrition management, and overall well-being, ultimately scaling to benefit 4000 patients.


Mera Maan collaborated with Boston-based Glucose Trail and Savings 9 to pilot a diabetes management telemedicine project catering to 400 diabetic patients. The project prioritized patient-centric care, bringing diabetes management to patients’ homes. Community-based health care companions (HCCs) were trained to use the Glucose Trail Diabetes Management mobile app, enabling data entry, executing treatment plans certified by medical doctors, and providing follow-up care in remote areas. The initiative emphasized nutrition management through counseling, dietary plans, and fostering healthier lifestyle choices.


  • Empower 400 diabetic patients with early detection and smart treatment solutions through a medicine PLUS approach.
  • Train and equip 60 community-based health care companions (HCCs) to use the Glucose Trail Diabetes Management mobile app and provide follow-up care.
  • Create a circle of care in remote areas by mobilizing community resources for nutritious meal planning, physical activity, and access to medication supplies.

Project Impact:

The diabetes management telemedicine project had a significant impact on patients’ lives. By leveraging technology and community-based health care companions (HCCs), the initiative improved patient adherence to treatment plans and early detection of diabetes-related complications. Notably, the focus on managing nutrition through counseling, meal plans, and appropriate cooking enhanced patients’ overall well-being. The project’s success paved the way for further scaling, aiming to benefit 4000 patients in the future. With a strong emphasis on nutrition management and patient-centric care, the diabetes management telemedicine project exemplified Mera Maan’s commitment to empowering communities and fostering better health outcomes.

Project Details