Provision and Management of DigiEDT Learning Management System


Mera Maan Pvt. Ltd. collaborated with Mobilink Microfinance Bank (MMBL) to provide a unique Learning Management System (LMS) for disseminating digital training to women across Pakistan. The LMS offered tailored learning materials, virtual training, mentoring sessions, and access to a supportive entrepreneurial community, fostering digital financial inclusion and skill development.

Narrative of the Project Description:


Mera Maan Pvt. Ltd. offered its copyrighted DigiEDT Learning Management System (LMS) to MMBL. The LMS provided digital training and education, accessible through a monthly subscription. It was tailored to MMBL’s branding guidelines and facilitated access to virtual learning programs and content.


– Provide and manage a unique Learning Management System (LMS) for MMBL’s registered ‘Borrowers.’
– Offer virtual learning programs to enhance their skills and knowledge of digital and non-digital financial products.
– Foster financial inclusion and connect ‘Borrowers’ with a supportive entrepreneurial community.

Project Impact:

The successful implementation of the project had several significant impacts. MMBL’s registered ‘Borrowers’ benefited from a wide range of virtual training programs and mentoring sessions that enhanced their understanding of digital and non-digital financial products. Additionally, they gained access to MMPL’s established entrepreneurial community, offering networking opportunities, sector specialists’ support, and participation in nation-wide seminars and conventions. MMPL actively engaged its program beneficiaries, expanding the user base for MMBL’s training and education initiatives. The LMS’s design also enabled MMBL to share various types of digital content for training and education purposes, further enhancing digital financial inclusion and skill development across Pakistan.

Project Details