Policy Note on TPM Performance Measurement Framework in FCV Countries


The project involved the preparation of a policy note focusing on the performance measurement framework for the Transition and Performance Monitoring (TPM) system in Fragile, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) countries. The assignment covered seven FCV countries, namely Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. The policy note was developed through extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders to identify best practices and challenges related to financial and physical monitoring, communication, and coordination mechanisms for field monitoring activities and results. The report also emphasized the need for supporting government institutions and implementing agencies in strengthening their monitoring systems and formulating effective exit strategies.

Narrative of the Project Description:


Fragile, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) countries face unique challenges in measuring and monitoring performance due to their unstable and volatile environments. Transition and Performance Monitoring (TPM) systems play a crucial role in assessing the progress and effectiveness of development interventions in such contexts. However, ensuring effective TPM in FCV countries requires a comprehensive understanding of the specific obstacles and opportunities present in each country.


– Analyze the existing TPM performance measurement framework in the seven FCV countries.
– Identify best practices and challenges related to financial and physical monitoring in FCV contexts.
– Examine the communication and coordination mechanisms used to plan, execute, disseminate, and follow-up on field monitoring activities and results.
– Provide recommendations and support to relevant government institutions and implementing agencies for strengthening their monitoring systems.
– Propose exit strategies that consider the unique challenges and opportunities in FCV countries.

Project Impact:

The policy note contributed to the improvement of TPM systems in FCV countries, ultimately leading to more effective and targeted development interventions. By identifying best practices and challenges, the report informed policymakers, development practitioners, and implementing agencies about the key areas that require attention and improvement. The recommendations provided in the policy note were designed to enhance the capacity of relevant government institutions and implementing agencies in monitoring their programs and projects in FCV contexts. Additionally, the proposed exit strategies aimed to foster sustainable and impactful development outcomes in these challenging environments.

Project Details