Technical Editing and Design for Governance Assessment of Multi-Sector Cash Transfer Programs


The World Bank finances cash transfer (CT) programs in numerous client countries to address risks, vulnerability, and social exclusion by providing income support to the poor and vulnerable groups. To enhance the quality of these operations, Mera Maan was assigned to technically edit and design three documents related to the Governance Assessment of Multi-Sector Cash Transfer Programs. The assignment included preparing a knowledge product summarizing governance lesson from the cash transfer instrument in terms of service delivery and public-sector management dimensions. Additionally, a Guidance Note for Bank staff, with a focus on financial management lessons learned and good practices in cash transfer operations, was developed through a fiduciary assurance lens.

Narrative of the Project Description:


The World Bank implements cash transfer programs in 74 client countries to provide income support and assistance to impoverished and vulnerable groups. To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of these programs, timely analytical work was required to improve the quality of operations relying on cash transfers. Mera Maan was tasked with technical editing and designing key documents to provide governance and financial management lessons related to cash transfer operations.


– The main objective of this assignment was to improve the quality and understanding of cash transfer programs’ governance and financial management dimensions. By technically editing and designing the knowledge product and guidance note, the project aimed to offer valuable insights, best practices, and lessons learned to World Bank staff and project financial management specialists involved in implementing cash transfer operations.

Project Impact:

The technical editing and design of the knowledge product and guidance note contributed to enhancing the understanding and application of governance and financial management principles in cash transfer programs. By providing concise and well-structured documents, Mera Maan’s work facilitated better decision-making, efficient implementation, and improved outcomes of cash transfer operations worldwide. The project’s impact extended to promoting effective service delivery, better public-sector management, and increased support to the poor and vulnerable groups in client countries.

Project Details